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Is life really that short?

We always hear that life is short, but is it? It's not at all uncommon to live 80 years or more. That's almost a century. We did the math and concluded that's kind of a long time, as it turns out. So why is everyone always saying that life is short?

There are probably a few reasons for that, but mostly, "life is short" is supposed to inspire action and appreciation of life.
The result, however, is more typically a panic that life is so fleeting, we will never get everything done that we want to.
So we cram every moment of our day
with obligations and appointments and plans, never having a moment to catch
our breath. 

Sound familiar? 

Life is Yours is a concept that more accurately conveys the reality of our existences. We have more time than
we think, and we can do with it what we want. If we can stop the noise and quiet the messages that induce anxiety, fear,
and the FOMO more than anything,
we can actually live the life we were meant to live – the life that feeds
our souls. 

Imagine that.

The Concept

the book

Disclaimer alert! This is a mock-up cover to the book, not the actual cover. Also, we're the ones calling it the must-read book of 2020. We aren't saying we're wrong...however it's possible we may be biased. 

Kristen Carroll has entered into a book deal
with Indigo River Publishing with distribution by
Simon & Schuster. 

Exciting, right? We thought so too! 

This book will explore the Life is Yours concept and function as a guide for readers to take steps to live a life that is authentically theirs. We will post updates here on production, book tours, and more, so stay tuned!

The Book
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